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Denneroll Overview


Chiropractic is ever changing, always evolving. New techniques develop, improved treatments are devised, new tools designed. Denneroll is all three!


Chiropractic care no longer ends at the door to your practice, thanks to Denneroll orthotic devices. Designed by chiropractors and used by practitioners around the world, proven by case studies and a clinical trial, Denneroll devices allow patients to continue their treatment at home, hastening recovery while improving flexibility and function.

Denneroll spinal remodeling devices are based on tested Chiropractic BioPhysics® techniques and evidence-based, sagittal plane curve models. Denneroll offers four patent-pending designs engineered to enhance treatment of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spinal regions. Denneroll devices correct improper spinal curvature and enhance the ability to treat conditions like thoracic kyphosis, abnormal cervical and lumbar lordosis, and more.

Denneroll devices enhance recovery. With the ideal balance of firmness and flexibility, Denneroll devices are easy and comfortable for your patients to use at clinic and at home. 

An ever increasing number of practitioners and chiropractors around the world have found that by utilising Denneroll devices they have improved results in a shorter time frame.

Each shape has the patent pending Denneroll peak / fulcrum and provides stability and effectiveness for its individual spinal region. The localised affects from the Denneroll fulcrum design combines with each shape to allow you to target all areas of your spine.